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We got marriage rights. Now let’s get marriage right.

The recent historic ruling making same-sex marriage legal has changed our world. But legal issues don’t stop with the right to get married. That’s why you need an attorney who knows how to protect you, your family and your interests, whether you are married or planning to be. The attorneys of Christiansen Davis LLC practice [...]

Still Not Married: Estate Planning for Same-Sex Couples in Texas

The legal landscape for same-sex marriage changes almost weekly, as more states recognize such marriage and federal law extends fundamental rights to all legal marriage, whether opposite-sex or same-sex. Texas, however, continues to resist such recognition and both the Texas Constitution and Texas Family Code apply only to couples legally married in Texas. That means [...]

What’s Up With Postnups?

Prenuptial agreements are fairly common these days, with many couples choosing to address practical issues of rights and responsibilities in writing before they are married. But plenty of things change during the course of a marriage. Unless a pretty talented psychic wrote the prenup, chances are it doesn’t cover what happens after the wedding. That’s [...]