Collaborative Divorce

We get everyone pulling together.

The collaborative divorce approach is a settlement process that focuses on helping couples and their families find their way to respectful resolution. Collaborative divorce creates an emotionally safe environment for the parties to negotiate and resolve their conflict – all without going to court.

The collaborative divorce process results in solutions that enables each person impacted by a divorce, especially children, to have the best post-divorce lives possible. Parents divorcing collaboratively are better able to protect their children from the damaging effects of a highly contentious divorce and preserve more of their mutual respect for each other as parents.

In collaborative divorce, control isn’t handed over to a judge unfamiliar with a couple’s or a family’s unique circumstances and who has a very limited time to hear their case. Instead, the divorcing couple works with specially trained collaborative divorce professionals — and without court interference — to arrive at a creative and customized solution.

Furthermore, a collaborative divorce is a more cost-effective and efficient process than a traditional divorce. It is structured so that divorcing couples work with specially trained professionals to resolve financial, parenting, and other pertinent issues.

Collaborative divorce is a process that enables couples to invest directly in solutions, rather than costly litigation.

Christiansen Davis attorney, Brett Christiansen, has received advanced training in the collaborative divorce process, and is a member of Collaborative Divorce Texas.

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