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Brett Christiansen is a Shareholder/Partner at Christiansen Davis LLC. His practice areas are PROBATE, FAMILY and CORPORATE. HIs probate practice encompasses all facets of probate – with a will and intestate (without a will). Check out his latest blog posts on modern families.

Still Not Married: Estate Planning for Same-Sex Couples in Texas

The legal landscape for same-sex marriage changes almost weekly, as more states recognize such marriage and federal law extends fundamental rights to all legal marriage, whether opposite-sex or same-sex. Texas, however, continues to resist such recognition and both the Texas Constitution and Texas Family Code apply only to couples legally married in Texas. That means […]

What to do when you can’t say “I do” — Protecting the rights of same-sex couples in Texas

The year 2013 was historic for individuals that identify as LGBT. When the Supreme Court declared Section 3 of the Defense of Marriage Act (DOMA) unconstitutional, many same-sex couples saw a bright future for their right to be married legally. In Texas and other states that still restrict marriage to one man and one woman, […]