About Christiansen Davis, LLC - A Business, Family & Probate Law Firm

The uncommon business practice.

Christiansen Davis, LLC is an uncommon law firm where business is personal.

Our law firm is dedicated to our clients’ business objectives, but in a way that considers their personal needs as well. It makes us different, and it’s to your advantage.

We are a law firm of uncommon minds, at ease with innovative solutions. A firm where insight is instinctive, and reliability is a given. Our mission is to be your attorneys for life. To deliver service that fits the way you live, because law and life are interconnected.  We are trusted by people because we are people, too – before we are lawyers.

We welcome the challenge of complex legal issues. We have extensive courtroom experience and are not afraid to take cases to trial.  In fact, we enjoy it. Our manner is polite and respectful, but relentless in pursuit of our clients’ objectives. We are merciless on injustice. The way you expect your lawyer to be. And we make it all work within your reality by offering flexible, real-world fee arrangements that can be structured to fit your situation.

At our law firm, we’re all about results. What you’ll value most about us is how we value you.

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