Taking the Hot Seat: Ethical Implications for Corporate Counsel Called to Testify

Published by DBA Headnotes. Co-authored by Tasha Grinnell of Dean Foods legal. In Shelton v. American Motors Corp., the Eighth Circuit noted, “the practices of taking the deposition of opposing counsel has become an increasingly popular vehicle of discovery.” Practitioners and courts agree, the practice has only gained momentum in the fifteen years since. Several […]

Considerations and Challenges for Firms and Attorneys

Published in For The Defense, May 2010 Gay, lesbian, bisexual and transgender (GLBT) lawyers face unique challenges, which have historically been unaddressed by diversity initiatives within the legal profession. While some studies and statistics demonstrate that legal employers are beginning to attend to GLBT concerns, fear of discrimination and harassment continues to cause many GLBT […]

Fractional General Counsel Services: Company-Defined Solutions

If you own or manage a business, you may soon be singing the praises of Fractional General Counsel Services. “Fractional” is the latest buzzword evolution of the term previously known as “outsourcing”. While the name may change, the underlying benefits that make the concept successful remain. Today, you will find such flexible services offerings related […]