Bankruptcy & Alternatives

Bankruptcy & Alternatives

On your side to get you back on track.

Sometimes, despite valiant efforts, companies face financial crisis, like bankruptcy.

Our experienced attorneys offer stress-free counseling, guidance, and representation in dealing with Chapter 7, 11, or 13 bankruptcy filings, and in exploring available alternatives such as work-outs, recapitalization, debt restructuring, and reorganization.

We have represented both creditors and debtors in litigation, disputes, collection, foreclosure, and sales on both the transactional and litigation sides.

We have also provided specialized counsel to Boards of Directors where the company is operating in the “zone of insolvency.”

We also have the ability to act as receivers when businesses or their representatives, such as a bankruptcy trustee, need a neutral third party to help with wind-down efforts.

Think of us as a lighthouse in a stormy sea.

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