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Lending Liability CD Firm

Lending Liability Lawyers.

In America, we like to see banks and lending institutions as organizations whose practices are beyond reproach, and think of borrowers as hard working individuals in businesses of high moral fiber. And while that is often the case, when tough banking regulations and complex laws governing lenders meet market forces and pressure from investors and stockholders to maximize profit, compromises can – and do – happen.

Lenders can find themselves saddled with bad loans, and borrowers can find themselves in sticky debt situations that compromise their ability to do business. CDB lawyers can help, thoroughly analyzing the dealings, contracts and circumstances specific to your case and cutting through the complexities to defend your rights as a borrower or lender.

Our experience includes representing and trying cases for some of the largest financial institutions in the world.

Substantive areas of practice include:

  • Unfair lending practices
  • Consumer financing fraud
  • Mortgage lending fraud
  • Unfair collection practices
  • Fair credit reporting
  • Wrongful foreclosure disputes


Defending your rights as a borrower or lender.

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