Family Law

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We got marriage rights. Now let’s get marriage right.

The recent historic ruling making same-sex marriage legal has changed our world. But legal issues don’t stop with the right to get married. That’s why you need an attorney who knows how to protect you, your family and your interests, whether you are married or planning to be. The attorneys of Christiansen Davis LLC practice family law and we’d love to help you get your house in order.

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Family attorneys for life – for everyone.

Know us for business. Trust us for life.

While many firms focus on certain areas of the law, at Christiansen Davis we understand that issues of law — and of life — are interconnected. Matters of business and family overlap. A high-powered executive is also a mother. A successful entrepreneur is also a husband. A masterful politician is also a grandparent. At Christiansen Davis , our dedication is to you. Our attorneys are not only trusted advisors to CEOs, CFOs, VPs and executives from companies of all sizes in virtually every industry, but to our clients in their roles as mothers, fathers, husbands, wives and children as well.

We can bring our collective experience in the courtroom and in business matters to bear on issues that affect you on the home front. And we bring a wealth of expertise and a results oriented approach to every matter we handle. From forming or dissolving a marriage or domestic partnership, through custody and matters of estates, wills and trust, we will work with you as changes occur in your life and family to address your needs and help you prepare for the future.

While our first resort is to resolve matters through peaceful settlement, mediation and collaboration, we are always prepared to rigorously protect your rights in court if the need arises. But what you will value most about us is how we value you and your family.

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