Complex Property Division

Complex Property Division

Complex Property Division

Most people want to be fair and equitable right from the start. But as they get further into the divorce process, that’s when things can get complicated. And when they do, CDB is here to help with experience and a measured approach that seeks nothing less than a fair and equitable settlement for our clients.

Our attorneys are highly skilled in the representation of divorce clients whose property division issues present problems of complexity, scale, or the possibility of fraud. We are here to help you achieve the most favorable resolution possible in complex property division cases.

Family court judges are required to distribute marital assets between spouses-in general, including property acquired by either or both spouses during the marriage. What constitutes fair division of property is largely up to the judge’s discretion, and subject to a list of legal issues the judge must consider.

In divorces involving spouses of high income and net worth, who own business assets, or properties, several problems must be resolved, especially when contesting spouses each claim an asset as their own and not subject to community property laws. Determining value and worth of assets is another complex issue we can help with.  As well as full and accurate disclosure of income and earnings. Prenuptial agreements can further complicate matters as well as taxes, liquidations, maintenance, custody and child support.

There are so many variables, possibilities and unique situations that the law does not attempt to provide a clear answer to each of them, but instead relies on the experience and discretion of the court in examining the facts.

Our experience in dealing with valuation, negotiation, and litigation of property division issues in complex divorce cases can work to our clients’ advantage in settlement negotiations, and if necessary, in court.

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