Custody and Access

custody and access

We are all about you and your kids.

When couples divorce or separate, custody of the children is often the most critical and contentious issue they face.  Usually, each wants the right to make decisions for the children and wants them to live with them. The law states that custody is determined by what’s best for the children – and more often than not, parents disagree on what that entails.

Our experienced attorneys offer a balanced, realistic perspective on custodial issues, helping clients achieve a practical arrangement that, above all else, puts children first.

Child custody disputes between parents can be very stressful on everyone, especially children. We work to minimize conflict while protecting parental rights in matters affecting a child’s legal status, medical care, education, and activities. At the same time our clients maintain an uninterrupted relationship with their children throughout the separation process and on into the future.

Our attorneys can also advise unmarried parents who wish to establish a parent-child relationship or resolve a custody or visitation issue.

We also have the ability to act as guardian ad litem to represent children independently of the contesting parties when issues concerning their best interest are at stake and best represented by a third party.

We’re here to help resolve your situation in a way that protects your rights and preserves your family bonds.

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