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Help making your new chapter, better.

Divorce is never easy. It can be overwhelming, and is usually something to be avoided at all costs.

But when all avenues of reconciliation are exhausted, clients can look to us for help. Divorce can be devastating – and when clients feel as if their ability to make rational decisions has abandoned them, they find that our attorneys can help calm their spirits, ensure that cooler heads prevail, and resolve their issues as quickly and as civilly as possible.

Our divorce attorneys can help them address each situation as it comes – and represent them when things become overwhelming. Our business background helps us tackle complex asset and support issues and negotiate custody and access plans that make sense for the new family structure. We are trained in the collaborative approach to divorce and custody, allowing the parties a private, efficient forum where they control the ultimate outcome.

We also have the ability to act as receiver where money may have been fraudulently transferred or hidden by one party, or where the parties need a neutral third party to assist in dividing a jointly owned business or other intangible asset.

Where kids are involved, we recognize a family is family, before and after a divorce. When a collaborative approach is not a viable option, we stand ready to push ahead in the conference room or the courtroom.


Making what’s never easy, a whole lot easier.

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