Mediation & Arbitration

arbitration & mediation law services

Convergence. Confluence.

With attorneys certified in mediation and experienced in arbitration, we have the experience and integrity parties need to help resolve matters for clients without the expense and stress of a trial. Our services are available to parties who need an impartial third party skilled in the arts of diplomacy and fair negotiation to mediate or arbitrate their cases.

And as a firm, while we are always prepared to go to court to defend clients if necessary, our first recommendation is mediation. By encouraging communication between all parties involved, the mediation promotes understanding and compromise. The result is often a mutually beneficial resolution that saves time, distress and expense. And most importantly, provides the client with more control over the final result.

Mediation techniques can be applied in virtually every area of law, disputes can be mediated prior to a lawsuit, during litigation, and even after judgment. Our mediation process is structured and extremely private and confidential, allowing complete openness in airing complaints and seeking resolution.

Strategies to get opposing sides going in the same direction.

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