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Considerations and Challenges for Firms and Attorneys

Published in For The Defense, May 2010 Gay, lesbian, bisexual and transgender (GLBT) lawyers face unique challenges, which have historically been unaddressed by diversity initiatives within the legal profession. While some studies and statistics demonstrate that legal employers are beginning to attend to GLBT concerns, fear of discrimination and harassment continues to cause many GLBT […]

Fractional General Counsel Services: Company-Defined Solutions

If you own or manage a business, you may soon be singing the praises of Fractional General Counsel Services. “Fractional” is the latest buzzword evolution of the term previously known as “outsourcing”. While the name may change, the underlying benefits that make the concept successful remain. Today, you will find such flexible services offerings related […]

Too Much, Too Late: Unintended Consequences of Texas Securities Class-Action Reform

A careful look at recent Texas class-action opinions indicates a shift in certification decisions, even before the recent reforms. On Feb. 18, President George W. Bush signed the Class Action Fairness Act (CAFA), designed to revamp class-action procedure and law. CAFA discourages forum-shopping by moving large, interstate class actions into federal courts. According to a […]

Corporate Sleuthing: Surveillance of Employee Activity to Avoid Disclosure of Trade Secrets

What is a Trade Secret and Why Must it be Safeguarded? The use of technology is no longer limited to technology businesses. Most companies, no matter their size or their business, employ computer software, the Internet and e-mail to share information instantaneously and to update inventories and communicate with employees and customers alike. While these […]