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Is one law firm really different from another? In a word, yes.

Christiansen Davis, LLC, knows that being a trusted advisor involves more than knowing the law – it requires an understanding that issues of law, business, and life are interconnected. A trusted advisor sees the forest and the trees.

Christiansen Davis attorneys have been or worked alongside CEOs, CFOs, VPs and VIPs from companies of all sizes in virtually every industry. We use this experience to see the big picture, partnering with our clients in business matters from initial formation to final dissolution and all stages and phases in between.

Our collective experience reaches into the courtroom and around the world. We bring a wealth of expertise to every case we handle — and we will aggressively pursue the best outcome possible. But what you will value most about us is how we value you.

That may sound like a unique perspective for a law firm. It is.


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Our Services

We believe law and life are interconnected in ways that allow people to live their lives with a greater degree of order and certainty. As such, our law firm, located in Dallas TX, offers a range of services in both Business Law and Family Law practice areas that help clients deal with challenges, build their businesses, and make the most of their lives.

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  • Business Law

    Whatever your business, whatever its size, CD provides counsel in every aspect of corporate legal matters. We understand how to prepare businesses for changes and growth and can help you find the best structure for your venture. And do it with a view to how it might affect matters in your personal life. To us, business is personal.

  • Family Law

    Whatever issues are affecting your family relationships, CD can help you deal with them. From forming or dissolving a marriage or domestic partnership, through adoption or custody and forward to matters of estates, wills and trust, we will work with you as changes occur in your life and family to address your needs and prepare for the future.

  • Mediation and Arbitration

    Although we are always prepared to go to court to defend our clients if necessary, our first recommendation is often a mediation process which provides them with a way to resolve issues without the expense and stress of a public trial. Through our private, confidential conflict resolution process, issues can be mediated by an impartial third party.

  • Product Liability

    With today’s design and technology advancements, society enjoys many of the finest and safest products ever built. But along with products come risks and liabilities. CD Firm is here to help designers, engineers, manufacturers, distributors, suppliers, retailers, and others who make products available to the public manage risk in a way that protects their customers and their businesses.

  • Collaborative Divorce

    Collaborative divorce is a settlement process that focuses on helping couples and their families find their way to respectful resolution, creating an emotionally safe environment for the parties to express their interests and goals, negotiate and resolve their conflict without going to court.

  • Pre & Post Marital Agreements

    Weddings are wonderful. Blissful. As they should be. Good fences make good neighbors. They can also help build strong relationships or help avoid misunderstandings and conflict should there be an unfortunate fork in the road ahead.

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CDFirm Attorneys - Brett Christiansen and Amy Davis

“We are all about results”
– Brett Christiansen and Amy Davis

The uncommon business practice starts with uncommonly proficient attorneys.

The team at CD takes pride in its real-world experience at every level, tackling complex legal problems and finding innovative solutions that benefit our clients.

And, unlike some law firms, we have actual courtroom experience — and enjoy trying cases in court when it best serves clients.

As former general counsel at international companies, our attorneys have seen things from a client perspective. We know what keeps you up at night and understand the necessity of business savvy and bottom line awareness. Our goal is to obtain the best results, whatever it takes.


Court seasoned, street smart — that’s the team at CD.


Brett Christiansen
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Amy E. Davis
Board Certified in Labor and Employment Law
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